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“Our aim is to produce a film of the highest quality which is tailored to your exact requirements.”

Convert TO DVD/USB Memory Stick

“Have old cine film photos or videos transferred to DVD or USB pen drive”

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Converting Prices

If anything is unclear or you would like a different quote please get in touch.

Video tape to DVD/USB Memory Stick

(VHS VHSc Video 8 Hi8 Mini DV)

1 Tape                  £10.00
3 – 5 tapes        £8.00 each
5 – 10 tapes     £5.00 each
Extra copies    £5.00 each

Cine-film to DVD/USB Memory Stick

1 – 4 small (7cm) spools              £25.00
Each small spool thereafter         £5.00
1 large (18cm) spool                     £25.00
Each large spool thereafter         £10.00

Slides to DVD/USB Memory Stick

First 30 slides                 £25.00
Each slide thereafter   £00.10

Extra charge for adding menus/chapters to DVD/USB Memory Stick

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